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Actress. Director. Writer.



Ilana Cohn is a director, writer, and comedian known for her digital series OVERDUE which she created, showran, and directed for AwesomenessTV. She is currently working as a freelance Writer/Producer/Director at Tastemade. Ilana has over a decade of expertise in the digital world having directed, written and produced for NICKELODEON, DISNEY, FREMANTLE, MONDO MEDIA, LIAMSHOW, MARGARET CHO, BELLUM ENTERTAINMENT, FUNNY OR DIE and MAKER STUDIOS. She won a Webbie Award for her series, BETTER YOUR F*CKING SELF, which she later transformed into the animated series, 4TH PERIOD LUNCH. Ilana was hired to write a pilot by NICKELODEON based on the success of her sketch series JINGLE HIT FACTORY. As an actress, Ilana did a guest spot on HOLLYWOOD DARLINGS and can be seen on IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA. Ilana is an alumni of The Groundlings Theater and can be found doing stand up all over town. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband, daughter and son.




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